Welcome to EyeSpace!

Our mission is to make OrthoK and other life changing technologies accessible to all contact lens practitioners. We think fitting RGP lenses should be easier - which is why we created EyeSpace.

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What is EyeSpace? And what can it do?

EyeSpace is an easy to use software program for rigid contact lens design and simulation. It imports data from your corneal topographer, and uses that information to design a rigid contact lens. It can be used to fit our specialty lens designs, to design your own lens, and as an educational tool.

EyeSpace includes:

  • Desktop software that you install on your PC. This links with your topographer, and allows you to design and order lenses.

  • EyeSpace cloud services - a website where you can sign in to track and trace orders, and troubleshoot fits.

  • We offer a complete system for fitting a wide variety of RGP lenses, and work closely with our distributors to provide class leading educational material and individual support.

Works with multiple topographers. And more to come.

EyeSpace currently supports the Medmont E300 (with Medmont Studio 4, 5 and 6) and Oculus Keratograph (Software Version 2.1.4 and later). If you want to use EyeSpace with a topographer that is not listed here, then please let us know.

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About Us

EyeSpace and our specialty lenses are the result of years of research, clinical testing, and collaboration.

Feel free to get in touch to talk about our products, lens designs, and educational material.

Jake Brown

Research and development director

BSc (High Performance Computational Physics) Honours

Lachlan Scott-Hoy

Clinical research and lens design

BAppSc (Optometry) Honours

PGCert (Ocular Therapeutics)


Jagrut Lallu

Clinical education specialist

B Optom Hons, TPA


Charl Laas

Case reports and documentation

B Optom, CAS, BSc MedSc Hons Epidemiology, MDP