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Here you will find case reports, major announcements, and hints and tutorials for using EyeSpace and RGP lenses in general.

New EyeSpace OrthoK Features

In this article, we will look at some of the new Forge Ortho-K features added to the latest release of EyeSpace.

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EyeSpace Easy Order

EyeSpace Easy Order is quick and convenient way to place EyeSpace orders. All you need to do is import your topography maps into EyeSpace, fill in the Easy Order form, and your distributor will do the rest:

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EyeSpace 2

Last weekend was the 12th Congress of the Orthokeratology Society of Oceania (OSO). What a conference! We were very excited to have been platinum sponsors, and we had some big news! Here are the headlines.

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Toric orthokeratology, Dr. Michael Lipson

I had a case that was very challenging, but at first glance looked to be very easy. Custom-designed toric orthokeratology lenses using Eyespace resulted in excellent refractive and topographic results. More significantly, it resulted in a very happy patient and a very happy doctor!!

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Tilting a lens in EyeSpace

When fitting lenses empirically (i.e. without using trial lenses) an important and perhaps obvious question to ask yourself is “does this look like what I would expect to see if I put the lens on eye?” or equivalently “does this simulation look realistic?”.

Making this judgement - and deciding what to do if it doesn’t look realistic - can really take your fitting to the next level.

This all relates to the tilt functionality in EyeSpace, which is a common topic for our support staff. So if you're ready to delve a bit deeper into EyeSpace then read on below.

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USA launch and new educational video

After a soft launch earlier this year, EyeSpace is now available to all practitioners in the USA. We're very happy to be partnering with Custom Craft Lens Service, who will be the exclusive distributor of EyeSpace lenses in the USA!

We've also got some new educational material, read on for more details!

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Simple Myopic Astigmatism corrected with Forge Myopia Toric Orthokeratology lenses

Many orthokeratology lens designs suggest that in determining a patient’s suitability for orthokeratology the astigmatic component of their prescription should be no more than half of the spherical component. With the availability of the Forge Myopia Toric Orthokeratology lens design, this no longer holds true.

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EyeSpace practitioner trial results

A independent practitioner trial was conducted two months prior to the release of EyeSpace in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

In summary, there was a first fit success rate of 79%, and all those eyes not successful on first fit were successful on second fit.

This article describes the protocol and results.

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EyeSpace Scleral Wizard released!

We're very excited to release our EyeSpace Scleral Wizard! This EyeSpace module will guide you through selecting the initial trial lens, assessing the trial fit, and ordering the final lens. Read on for full details on how it works and how to get it!

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Advanced EyeSpace Scleral Fitting Guide

We are pleased to announce the release of the Advanced Scleral Fitting Guide.

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Spherical Scleral Lens for Keratoconus

The case report describes the fitting of a spherical scleral lens to a set of relatively straight-forward keratoconic eyes.

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Fitting Forge Myopia orthokeratology lenses with EyeSpace

In a busy practice, the eye care practitioner has little or no time to sit and design complex orthokeratology lenses with the next patient already waiting in the reception area. Most orthokeratology lens designing happens at the end of the day, taking away precious family time, or is deligated to another person who is not always privy to all the nuances of the fit.

EyeSpace drastically shortens the design time of even the most complex orthokeratology lens, allowing the practitioner to design the orthokeratology lens with the patient still in the chair. The visual interface simulates the lens on eye in real time and can easily be interpreted by the eye care practitioner.

This case study will show how easy it is to design a Forge orthokeratology lens for a low myope.

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Simple low myopia orthokeratology using Forge Myopia Rotationally Symmetric lenses

This case shows how a normal cornea can be fitted with Forge Myopia Rotational Symmetric orthokeratology lenses for myopia control purposes and to give freedom from spectacles.

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Scleral lens fitting for high levels of regular astigmatism

This case report highlights how the Scleral 5Z Toric lens can be used to fit a healthy eye with high amounts of regular astigmatism to provide comfortable, stable and sharp vision in a contact lens.

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Fitting a large diameter penetrating keratoplasty with an EyeSpace scleral lens

This case study highlights the value of fitting a scleral contact lens on a cornea with a large diameter penetrating keratoplasty.

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Correcting high astigmatic myopia with Forge orthokeratology lenses

This case highlights how high myopia with astigmatism can be effectively treated with orthokeratology lenses designed through Eyespace to offer great vision throughout the day.

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The 11th Congress of the Orthokeratology Society of Oceania

Innovative Contacts Australia is proud to be the platinum sponsor of the 11th Congress of the OSO!

Due to popular demand we are again running a full day clinical workshop on the Thursday before the conference (16th October) at the Sheraton Mirage Resort and Spa. To cater for both beginners and experienced contact lens practitioners, we are running three rooms with three separate programs, delivered by speakers from around the globe. The three programs are OrthoK Bootcamp, OrthoK Powwow, and Scleral Wet Lab.

For the full conference as well as our full day clinical workshop, be sure to book out Thursday 16th of October to Sunday 19th of October.


Price will be $385 including GST. Early bird 10% discount if you register and pay before June 30th!

Click here to register, or read on below for full details and lecture schedule.

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Overnight Orthokeratology is comparable with atropine in controlling myopia

It is now widely accepted that Orthokeratology is effective in slowing the progression of myopia and more studies are confirming these findings. In a recent study by Lin, et al they analyzed the efficacy of atropine and Orthokeratology in controlling myopia progression and elongation of axial length.

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When should I choose a toric design in EyeSpace?

Elevation maps indicate how a contact lens will move and orientate itself when placed on the cornea, and provide the best indication of whether a toric lens should be chosen over a rotationally symmetric (spherical) lens.

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Why learn the Smith Technique?

When fitting Scleral lenses, it is important to be able to measure the anterior chamber depth in order to select your initial diagnostic trial lens. This can be done a number of ways – most commonly by using either a slit-lamp, topographer or OCT.

Smith technique is one such method of anterior chamber estimation using the slit-lamp, biomicroscope and graticule. It was first published in 1979, and has since become an efficient and accurate test that can be used in everyday clinical practice.

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Post-wear orthokeratology outcomes

Post wear analysis of the cornea following orthokeratology is extremely important, and the corneal topographer is a vital tool in this process.

There are four main topographical outcomes following overnight wear (whether successful or unsucessful) of a myopic orthokeratology lens, which we will outline below.

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