EyeSpace is now free!

All you need to do is contact your local EyeSpace distributor.

EyeSpace includes the following:

  • EyeSpace software that links to your topographer for designing, simulating, and ordering lenses
  • A sample database, for learning how to design and order lenses
  • Access to our website for tracking and tracing your orders and patient history
  • Access to our online knowledge base and online certification
  • Free set up and one-on-one training sessions (via Skype, or in person if we have a representative nearby)
Which lens designs are available?

Lens availability is dependent on region - please contact us or your local EyeSpace distributor for more information.

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Forge Myopia Ortho-K

Ground breaking Orthokeratology lenses, no trial set required. Easily change between rotationally symmetric (spherical) toric, and quadrant specific. Variable BOZD for high myopia or myopia control effect.

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Lux day-wear RGP

(Now branded as EyeSpace Bespoke) Topography based day-wear RGP.

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Scleral Wizard

The EyeSpace Scleral wizard guides you through the process of fitting our Scleral lenses. Note that a diagnostic trial set is also required.