After a soft launch earlier this year, EyeSpace is now available to all practitioners in the USA. We're very happy to be partnering with Custom Craft Lens Service, who will be the exclusive distributor of EyeSpace lenses in the USA!

We've also got some new educational material, read on for more details!

See the US home page here for full details on how to get started.

We're currently shipping lenses internationally so delivery times are approximately two weeks. Soon, manufacturing will be fully operational at the Custom Craft lab, and delivery times will be reduced to a couple of days.

We're also taking a number of steps to make our product more accesible to the US market:

Currently, we're working on an updated version of our knowledge base (here) that's a bit more US friendly after receiving some great feedback from the doctors involved in our soft launch (thanks Dr. Robert Gerowitz in particular!).

We also have a new educational video here (please read the video description, it's important!) This is intended to be the initial point of training for EyeSpace. This will be the basis for our online EyeSpace certification which will be available soon.

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