EyeSpace Easy Order is quick and convenient way to place EyeSpace orders. All you need to do is import your topography maps into EyeSpace, fill in the Easy Order form, and your distributor will do the rest:

To place an order follow the steps listed below:

Step 1

Select which lens type you want to order. Forge Ortho-K, EyeSpace Scleral or Bespoke Alignment Fit GP:

Step 2

Select the lens material you want to use. This will default to the recommended material for your region:

Step 3

Select the refraction type you used. You can either enter the spectacle refraction: or use the refraction over a known fitted lens:

Step 4

Enter any communication for your distributor here. Your note will be saved and displayed on the Order page in EyeSpace Cloud Services (ECS):

Step 4

Click the ‘Review Order’ Button. The order will upload to EyeSpace Cloud Services ready for your distributor to design and place your order:


Click the ‘Open in EyeSpace’ button and design and place the order yourself:

And here’s a video:

This will be available to all practitioners soon! If you have an EyeSpace account, you can view more instructional material in the knowledge base. Or contact your local distributor to get set up.